Eightyeight Conscious Jewelry

We have a passion for life and live it consciously. We love to look good but do it with care. We are proud of our heritage, and we represent it well.
Eightyeight Conscious Jewelry is a conscious and sustainable jewelry brand that gets inspired by its European and Indonesian roots.
With a passion to empower people through beauty, we set out on a quest to put together the perfect jewelry items.
With designs inspirited by sacred geometry and the use of the right materials, we make sure our jewelry is beautiful both inside and out.
Our jewelry pieces are handmade by Balinese craftsmen, who love their work and create our conscious jewelry with pride.
We use 100% recycled sterling silver and our gold is carefully sourced at certified companies.
We care about giving back to the community that gives us so much, that’s why we always donate a share of our profits to local Balinese charities.
As Bali doesn’t need any more pollution, we use organic and recycled materials to keep its nature wild, blooming and beautiful.
We invite you to celebrate life with us, smile, have fun, remember who we are and always will be.
Together we take care of our world in style. Together we are creating infinite beauty

Officiële dealer van Eightyeight Concsious Jewelry

Sparnaaij Juweliers is een officiële Eightyeight Conscious Jewelry dealer. Wanneer je bij Sparnaaij Juweliers een Sieraad van Eightyeight koopt, krijg je deze dan ook altijd in een originele verpakking geleverd met een officieel garantiebewijs. 

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